Present on the market for more than 40 years, with a management policy that combines professionalism, quality and innovation, with a commitment to always providing the very best and most advanced products for analysis and clinical pathology, hospitals, pharmacies, research centers, pharmaceutical and food industries and with strong national and international partnerships.

Always thinking to evolve and grow with the market, CRAL invested heavily in building its headquarters, located in a modern industrial park in the city of Cotia, 30 km from São Paulo. With modern storage facilities, production in clean room , tooling, air-conditioned office, recreation area for employees, parking, selective waste collection system and much more…

Permanent stock, mapped and organized, a complex logistical operation, the latest equipments, trained and well-prepared employees. These factors ensure impeccable service and distribution system.

A modern system of business management, computerized and integrated, ensures speed and accuracy in all operations of the company.

All to make the lives of our customers easier and your business more profitable!



All the good things in life were one day in somebody’s mind.

With CRAL it was not different either. When the company was founded in 1977, it was the great dream of its founders coming true.

Today these dreams are much greater. CRAL assists universities, research centers, government offices, clinical pathology and analyses laboratories, food and pharmaceutical industries and distributors spread all over our huge country – Brazil.

CRAL is like this… A great company!

As great as the dream of its founders and the determination of its partners to develop constantly.

As great as its line of products and the willpower of its collaborators.

Great, as the success of its clients and the health of their client’s clients.

As its purposes of ethics and professionalism.

Great, as the pride of being one hundred per cent Brazilian.


As the future of a company committed to its ideals, being born again every day.


“Our goal is to see our customers satisfied and continually improve our quality management system.”

Concerned with acquiring to learn new technologies for innovation of its products and expanding its lines, CRAL is constantly updated and participates in the most important national and international industry events, always trying to keep close contact with their customers and suppliers.